*Frequently Asked Questions*

1. Can I find any company in India on Corpository Mobile Platform?
Yes. All companies registered in India, are listed on Corpository platform. Our predictive search engine helps you search the company of your choice, with ease.

2. Is Corpository a free platform?
It is True. Corpository is available to all through its freely downloadable mobile apps. ( currently Android app is available at google play store. IOS app will be shortly made available)

3. What kind of *FREE* data would be available for a company on Corpository platform?
The corporate information is made available through data tiles. The information contained in three data tiles viz. Company Profile, Directors, Charges are available to all registered user for Free. The information in other tiles , Viz. Highlights, Financials, Auditors, Deposits, Shareholding, Associate entities and Litigation are available when you Buy Info using our online payment gateway.

4. What kind of *PAID* data would be available for a company on Corpository platform?
When you click open any Data Tile, you will see all the data points in the data card, but the value of the data points would be available only when you Buy Info.

a. Once I Buy Info, whether I will be able to see the paid data anytime or only once?
Once you Buy Info, you will be able to see the paid data till the time you continue to use our app.

5. Is the Free data on the App the latest available Data? If not, how do I get latest information?
We fetch and build our database over a period of time. Hence the Free data of different company is built on different dates. The date of last update is provided on each data card. If you want to update the data, you will be able to do so by choosing “Update Information” from the floating button on your screen. Our system will update the information and notify you through in app notification.

6. Is the PAID data on the App the latest available Data? If not, how do I get latest information? 
Every data card containing paid data carries the date of last update. If you want to refresh it, you should select “Buy Data” and make the payment through our online payment gateway. Our system will update the paid information and notify you through in app notification.

a. How do I know that the paid data bought earlier needs to be updated?
When you Buy Info of a company, our system will keep tracking such company periodically. If we find any key event being reported by the company, we will notify you. Upon receiving notification, you may choose to “Buy Info” to update the Paid info.

7. What is Track company?
Corpository tracks the reporting of key events like change in registered office, change in capital, change in Director, change in legal form or constitution of a company, filings of annual financial statements, holding of annual General meetings etc. ( Key Events) for all the companies which its user choose to keep Track of. In order to Track a company, you should choose “Track Company” from the floating button while you are viewing the information of any company. The company being viewed will be added to the Tracking list and Corpository will keep you informed of any of the key events reported by the company.

8. How can I Untrack a company?
You can manage your Track List and remove any company from your Tracking List.

9. I don’t understand some terms used in the App. Where can I get to know what they mean?

10. Is the information mentioned on the Mobile App or Report correct and reliable?
Corpository gets the information from documents filed by the companies with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and Information reported by the Credit Rating agencies. Corpository reproduces the information which are reported by the companies to MCA and hence the information provided by Corpository are from authenticate and reliable sources. However, If the information reported by company to MCA contains any error then to that extent there remains a possibility of information presented on Corpository platform being erroneous or incorrect.

11. When I click on “Buy Info” or “Buy Documents” from a particular tile, do I get an access to only that tile’s information or documents?
Buy Info and Buy Document options can be selected from floating button provided on each page of the app. This is for convenience of users. However, when you Buy Info or Buy Documents, the information in all the paid data cards will be available or if already available, then updated.

12. The company that I am viewing has incorrect data. What should I do?
Pl report to us any incorrect data that you may come across Corpository platform. Pl also send along the document if you have any, in support. We shall value your help and support.

13. How will I come to know when my order is ready? How will it be delivered to me?
When you Buy Info or Buy Documents, the system will start the work of downloading of MCA documents and updating the information, while you continue to browse Corpository or do something else. As soon as, the documents are available with Corpository or Bought information is available for viewing in data cards, the system will notify the user through its in app notification system.

14. How much time should I expect when I ask for an update or Buy Info or buy Documents?
You should expect under 10 minutes to update your free data and under 30 minutes to see the updated paid data after you Buy Info. When you Buy Documents, you should expect the email with document download link reaching your inbox in under 60 minutes.