We provide dedicated SaaS Solutions powered with stream of decision grade data for point in time and continuous Lending and Investment Decisions, Due Diligence, Forensic Analysis & Smart Lead Generation

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Predictive analytics for portfolio monitoring and management

Credit Life Cycle solutions for Lenders

Decision-grade forensic analytics and corporate due diligence reports

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Volume to Value:

The Challenge of Data Abundance

Problems of

Data Overload

  • Voluminous data is available in Public domain. But it is cluttered, scattered, unstructured, incompatible

  • Task of their segregation, aggregation, validation, unificaton, is complex and expensive

  • Users end up missing out on key data insights as data dissemination takes away their productive time.

Problems of

Non Consumability of Data

  • Runs risk of missing out on key points

  • Affects decision making quality

  • Incorrect analytics based on incomplete data

Problems of


  • Traditional models only use Financial data for prediction, which is usually a LAG indicator

  • Non Financial Data which contains key patterns that could become lead indicators is in a non consumable format

  • Attempt to predict defaults with partial information leads to incorrect conclusions

It’s what you do with the data that matters

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Platforms & Solutions

Corpository provides dedicated SaaS solutions powered by Decision-grade data, Analytics, Pattern Identifications, Early Warning Signals and Predictions to Lenders, Investors and Business Enterprises

Quantify portfolio credit risk

Default Prediction

An ML-based platform that tracks the credit risk of
a portfolio and quantifies it through credit scores

  • Accurate and reliable identification and quantification of credit risk
  • Smart risk categorization
  • Tracks portfolio through a dynamic risk movement matrix (dashboard)
  • Auto-alerts on critical events
Companies Scored

1,00,000 +


Score Triggers



Default Predictions

350 +

Companies Successfully Predicted




Cherry pick pre-qualified borrowers

Smart Lead Generation

A granular query engine that identifies high-yield opportunities, eliminates risky propositions, and generates pre-qualified leads

  • End-to-end lead generation
  • Smart filters (50+) to slice and dice data
  • Reliable information and contact details of KMPs


Granular Filters

Queries made



Company Database

20,00,000 +





Zero Minus EWS

Credit Monitoring & EWS

Fully automated web based EWS tool for early detection
and effective mitigation of credit risk in your portfolio

  • End-to-end automated EWS module with auto alert mechanism
  • Plug-and-play system that ensures immediate compliance with RBI guidelines on asset monitoring
  • Can be quickly integrated with multiple third party systems
Events Monitored



Companies Monitored

1,00,000 +


RBI Mandated Events






Real-Time Intelligence for Corporate Evaluation

Credit Evaluation

Providing effective information for credit evaluation and highlighting critical events that have a bearing on credit risk

  • Updated, authentic information collected from 50+ sources in public domain
  • Proprietary red flag analysis of crucial events
  • 360-degree analysis and reports of companies

Forensic Analysis

Unraveling complex corporate structures, discovering hidden corporate relationships, and connecting all the dots

Corporate Due Diligence

One-stop solution for corporate data mining – access the latest information from multiple sources 24/7 under one roof

Data Points


Data Points

Reports Delivered



Database of






Trust but Verify

Ring-fence your asset book against fraud pertaining from diversion of funds to Related Parties & Common/Cross Directorships

  • Smart check for related entities on MCA & GST Database using just the PAN number
  • Red flag identification in related entities w.r.t governance, litigation & default
  • GST establishment identification & automated filing delay calculated
  • Auto population of data in Excel worksheet for user downloads
  • Bulk PAN Upload & VERIFY existing portfolio seamlessly at ease
  • Check GST Filings at scale using Bulk PAN Upload feature of existing asset book of sole proprietor, partnership firm etc.
Business 360°

As we move into the age of digitization & formalization of tax returns across businesses & allied ecosystems; lenders and related parties to such businesses have a unique advantage of dissecting these GST filings using smart proprietary analytics provided by Corpository.

GST Analyzer delivers smart features like:

  • Business Profile Risks
  • Financials Analytics
  • Easy access to data through spreadsheets
  • Plug & Play APIs
  • Ready to use PDF Reports for GST Data Analysis
  • Working Capital Insights
But that’s not all

Other solutions that will help you save time and work more effectively

API Integration

Our Plug & Play API solution aims to automate client operations effectively

Ready to use APIs help build customized solutions for clients

Integrates easily with multiple third party solutions

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Large Pvt and Public Banks
Stock Exchanges and Regulatory Bodies
Mutual Funds & Portfolio Management Services
Large and Medium NBFCs, Fintechs
India's Leading Global Professional Firms
India's Leading Corporates

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