How to analyze the Audit Report of a company?

Date Posted: Monday 27 July 2020

Every Indian company is statutorily required (Under Sec 139 of The Companies Act, 2013) to appoint an auditor and obtain Audit Report from the Certified practicing Auditors in the prescribed format. Thus, the Audit Report, with reference to Indian companies, has a well-defined format concerning its objectives, content, and form. In addition to statutory reports … Continue reading “How to analyze the Audit Report of a company?”

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Six things a ‘CIN’ of a Company can tell you

Date Posted: Friday 21 July 2017

What is CIN? Do you deal with companies? Have you ever come across a alphanumeric 21 digit code called CIN? Whenever you will look at Company’s details, you would see a CIN i.e Company Identification Number.

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