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Bharti Paryani
Associate Director- Product
Stay Ahead of Default Risks: Leveraging AI with RisQ for Credit Monitoring

The overall annual default rate for Indian companies reached a decadal low of 0.6% in 2023. Prima facie, this seems a welcome shift. But lending is far more complicated than that, isn't it? 
Although the default rate was reduced, the number of companies that failed in debt repayments totaled 153 in 2023, up from 85 the

Feb 22, 2024

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Bharti Paryani
Associate Director- Product
Augmenting India’s MSME Upswing: 7 Ways AI Elevates Credit Monitoring
Jan 02, 2024
Aseem Rao
Senior Marketing Manager
GST Analyzer- A Compass For The Credit Underwriting Journey
Feb 15, 2024
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Mahesh Mohan
Content Manager
4 Ways To Evolve Credit Underwriting: How AI and ML Revolutionize Risk Analysis
Jan 11, 2024

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