Cherry pick pre-qualified borrowers

A granular query engine that improves sales and marketing
by cherry picking pre-qualified borrowers
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Smart Lead Generation

A granular query engine that identifies high-yield opportunities, eliminates risky propositions, and generates pre-qualified leads

The Challenges

Problems Of

Reliable database and filtering tools
  • Lenders get data from a variety of internal and publicly available sources but ensuring the reliability of the data is a huge challenge.

  • The sales and marketing teams do not have the necessary tools to smartly filter the data and generate leads quickly.

Problems Of

Huge cost inefficiencies
  • Often sales and marketing teams spend a lot of time in acquiring the customer, but there is still a risk of the borrower being rejected by the credit team due to weak credit profile.

Problems Of

Reaching out to potential customers
  • After getting a pre-qualified lead, lenders are unable to reach out to the potential client due to unavailability of reliable contact information.

  • Identifying the KMPs and contacting them is also a challenge due to lack of reliable contact details.

Our Solution

Explore is a database of more than 1 lakh companies with data gathered from more than 50 publicly available sources. This makes the database very reliable.

Explore has more than 50 filters such as Geography, Industry, Size, Lenders, Leverage, Growth, Credit Rating etc., which enables lenders to slice and dice the data effectively.

Smart filtration can help lenders cherry pick prequalified leads and reduce the risk of rejection of the loan proposal.

Explore provides direct email IDs of all KMPs (Key Managerial Personnel) of the company. It also provides reliable phone numbers (available through multiple filings done by the company).

Explore Platform Overview

Explore is a web-based comparative analytics tool that allows you to shortlist potential clients by comparing Indian companies based on a variety of data points using pre-selected criteria. This can help lenders prioritise their targets and bring them on board before their competitors do.

Explore can also help lenders, researchers, analysts, consultants, corporates, etc. in peer analysis, sectoral research, business group study, business research, market research and many other analysis.

Key Features

Screener view to analyse hundreds of companies in a comparative format

Over 50 granular financial and non-financial filters

Very user-friendly format

Simultaneous access to multiple users in the organisation

Industries We Cater

Large Pvt and Public Banks
Large and Medium NBFCs, Fintechs
India's Leading Global Professional Firms

How Explore Works

Load the filters of your choice

View the list of companies available based on the filters

Reach out to them based on the contact details available

Get end-to-end automated solutions that
help you generate effective leads!

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