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A web-based tool that provides early warning signals (EWS) in the form of alerts to lenders
about build-up of stress and potential default by borrowers, enabling quick corrective action
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Credit Monitoring & EWS

Fully automated web based EWS tool for early detection and effective mitigation of credit risk in Lenders’ / Investors’ portfolio

The Challenges

Problems Of

Data availability and reliability
  • Gathering all the data that is lying both internally and across multiple sources in the public domain is both time-consuming and challenging. Manual intervention in gathering of data also increases the risk of human error.

  • Even where data is available, lenders are unable to proactively monitor potential default risk due to lack of automated systems to process and update the data.

Problems Of

Regulatory pressure
  • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated all lenders to be compliant with guidelines on proper implementation of automated EWS systems to identify and report potential default risk among borrowers well in advance. Complying with this requirement is a challenge.

Problems Of

Time and cost inefficiency
  • Developing and maintaining a single monitoring system based on internal and publicly available data requires a lot of effort in terms of time and cost.

  • Lenders have assets spread across multiple locations in India. Tracking each of these borrowers and consolidating alerts for all of them on a pan-India level is challenging.

Our Solution

Monitor is an end-to-end fully automated EWS module that enables you to effectively track your portfolio of borrowers and prevent build-up of non-performing assets (NPAs).

Monitor consolidates alerts for all the entities in the portfolio, sparing lenders the tedious task of collecting such alerts from multiple departments spread across various locations and geographies.

It automatically updates publicly available information from multiple sources and provides real-time alerts to lenders, making it a proactive alert mechanism or EWS mechanism.

Monitor comes with built-in alerts that have been mandated by RBI for data from the public domain. This makes Monitor a plug-and-play system and makes the lender compliant with regulatory requirements immediately.

Monitor can be quickly integrated with multiple systems, which will enable banks to respond effectively to both internal and external signals.

Monitor Platform Overview

Monitor is an end to end automated EWS module based on analytics driven rules and qualitative inputs that analyse the quality of the client portfolio, by scanning it- exposure by exposure –and triggers actions to prevent defaults. In addition to the access of the portfolio companies and its key events on our sophisticated dashboard with more than 20 filters that allow lenders to prioritize response to critical alerts, Monitor also provide updates through alerts and emails for such events to the lenders.

The graphical timeline feature of the portfolio companies not only shows the current events, but allows the lenders to understand the history and direction of the company as well as its critical events within seconds.

Key Features

Over 20 filters to customise your dashboard by dates, events, flags, location, etc.

Access to detailed credit reports

Access to Timeline

Auto alert emails for notifying critical changes

Provision to add and delete companies from the portfolio

Facility to record notes that can be accessed by any user throughout the organisation

Industries We Cater

Large Pvt and Public Banks
Large and Medium NBFCs, Fintechs
India's Leading Corporates

How Monitor Works

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