Quantify portfolio credit risk

A tool that tracks Assets Portfolio with continuous Risk Assessment, capturing obscure risk signals and providing early default prediction that leaves plenty of response time.
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Default Prediction

An ML-based platform that tracks the credit risk of a portfolio and quantifies it through credit scores

The Challenges

Problems Of

Shorter Response time
  • Models based on lag indicators (Past events) leave default prediction to Risk Managers.

  • Large size of portfolios do not allow Risk Managers to make scientific prediction of defaults.

  • Late prediction or lack of prediction leave Risk Managers with very little or no time to take remedial measures.

Problems Of

Reading behavioural patterns
  • Despite access to voluminous data, lenders do not have the necessary tools to uncover important behavioral patterns that are often lead indicators for default risk.

  • In the absence of the right tools, it is a challenge to build effective predictive models.

Problems Of

Quantifying risk
  • An event of default follows multiple Triggers / Alerts. It generates a mixed bag of critical and not so critical signals. Unless quantified well, it is not possible to predict potential default with precision

  • The risk of multiple assets in a portfolio changes regularly, making it difficult to keep track of the degree of fall or rise in risk levels in each asset of the portfolio.

Our Solution

RisQ’s Self learning and self-refining models track each portfolio account looking for hundreds of well defined critical events. With accurate and early prediction, RisQ aims at providing 90 to 360 days of response time enabling prompt corrective action.

RisQ analyses thousands of external data points and bakes it into one credit score that defines the riskiness of a company, enabling timely remedial action.

RisQ segregates risk into multiple categories (Good to Worst), which helps lenders/investors understand the extent of risk associated with the portfolio.

This platform enables lenders/investors to track the risk of a portfolio over multiple time periods through an interactive dashboard.

RisQ Platform Overview

RisQ is an automated score-based credit monitoring and default prediction system that uses our proprietary predictive technology to help identify companies in your portfolio that are turning risky well in advance and ease credit decision-making. It categorises risk smartly and offers an accurate and reliable indication of risk. RisQ makes prediction about potentially defaulting companies with extremely high accuracy and aims to provide 90 to 360 days response time for the Lenders / Investors to take effective remedial measures.

It auto collects data and information of Indian listed and unlisted companies from hundreds of reliable sources and analyses it to generate a daily Risk Quotient (RQ) for every company in your portfolio.

Key Features

Keeps track of over 100 KPIs derived from over 500 data points updated from over 100 sources on daily basis

Identifies patterns invisible to the human eye using proprietary ML-based technology

Categorizes every tracked business entity on a scale of Very high risk to very low risk

Looks for event patterns and convert them into Risk Score

Back-tested on over 1 lakh entities

Default prediction accuracy of over 90%

Access to detailed reports of portfolio companies

Provides in depth analysis of Data triggering risk flags and quantifies the risk emanating from key risk triggers.

Auto-alert mechanism to keep you up-to-date on your portfolio

Industries We Cater

Large Pvt and Public Banks
Stock Exchanges and Regulatory Bodies
Mutual Funds & Portfolio Management Services

How RisQ Works


Companies in your portfolio

Compute Score

ML-based algorithm will convert thousands of data points into one risk score


Slice and dice through your portfolio using multiple filters and create your own dashboard.

Get end-to-end automated solutions that
help you quantify risk!

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