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Know your borrower's income details better through in-depth & exhaustive analysis of their ITR and financial information.
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Comprehensive Insights into Borrower's Income

  • No more tedious manual ITR filing assessments; simply get consent from the borrower & leave the task to Corpository's ITR Analyzer
  • 360° view of the borrower's income details covering all relevant areas like primary income sources, taxation data, and more, which provide all relevant details to evaluate the borrower's overall creditworthiness
  • The tool provides deep insights into various business segments, which help understand and evaluate the overall health of the borrower, covering various financial and non-financial risks.
  • Analysis of all important constituents of income, associated sources, trends, and more

The ITR Analyzer reduces TAT as it highlights risks covering income growth, income source risks, compliance risks, and more.

Data: Gathering, Security, & Privacy

  • Data gathering employs multiple methods to meet the diverse requirements of lenders and borrowers.
  • The system is shielded against human errors in data collection and report generation by utilizing Straight-Through-Processing (STP), ensuring the privacy of sensitive borrower information.
  • Well-documented and user-friendly APIs facilitate easy integration with lenders' internal systems, eliminating the need for additional human interface.
  • API integration is further secured through IP-based whitelisting, user authentication, and SSL encryption.
  • SSL Technology is employed to safeguard borrowers' private data, ensuring secure internet connections and preventing potential security breaches.

Easy Workflow

Simple & user-friendly workflow with guidance notes designed to understand the actual operational challenges of getting the borrower's consent. Download the ITR analysis report in less than ten steps.

Key Features
Customer & Supplier Analysis Product & Chapter Analysis

Tamper Proof:
Documents are retrieved  directly from the source without manual intervention

Company Profile & Filing Table Auto GST Delay Days Calculated

TAT is exceptionally short, facilitating immediate digitization.

Company Profile & Filing Table Auto GST Delay Days Calculated

Seamless Integration:
A user-friendly structure allows for rapid and easy integration.

User Segments We Cater

Large Private and Public Sector Banks
Small, Medium, and Large NBFCs
Indian Fintech Firms

Get insights into your borrower's income details through a
thorough analysis of their ITR and financial information!

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